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BARC Wood Tape Basket

April 14th, 2014

Weave a stylish and sturdy basket with BARC wood tape—great for gift giving, holding Easter treats, or to help you organize your space.

ARC Crafts BARC Basket

There are many, many, basket weaving tutorials found online. We were inspired by this tutorial here.  It is easy to weave with BARC wood tape. We found that BARC Wood tape, with the backer left on, is extremely flexible and pliable making the weaving experience simple and fun. Our basket took us 45 minutes to complete from start to finish.

Supplies for the ‘Easter Basket’: One roll of BARC Cherry Wood Tape, BARC White Birch Sticky Wood Sheets, coral card stock, Scallop edge punch, Happy Easter Stamp, Coral Ink, Oval Punch, Scissors, paper clips, and glue dots.

‘Basket’ weaving instructions and photos:

1. Using one roll of BARC Cherry Wood tape, cut eight strips of tape, 16 inches long. Next cut another three strips of tape, 18 inches long – set 18 inch strips aside.

Basket Step 12. Flip the eight 16″ strips of  BARC Cherry Wood tape over with the backing left on and facing up.  Place 4 strips vertical on a flat surface. Weave the first piece starting from the bottom left corner, over, under, over, under. Repeat this process with remaining 3 strips.  Straighten and center the weaving to the middle of the strips.

Basket Step 23. This part take a little patience but will create the square shape of your basket. Grab the three 18″ strips of BARC Cherry Wood tape. Taking one piece of 18″ BARC Cherry Wood tape and paper clips start the weaving at the base of the basket. Use the paper clips to temporarily hold the weaving in place until the next row is woven. Weave all four sides tucking and weaving in any excess at the end.  Remember – leave the tape backing on so the wood weaves easily and does not stick.

Basket Step 3 Basket Step 3b4. Repeat this weaving process with the remaining 2 strips of 18″ BARC Cherry Wood tape. Your basket should be shaped like the image below and should be three strips high.  There will be long tails hanging from the top.

5. Next, take each tail and weave it down to toward the inside of the basket – lightly folding the tape at the rim of the basket.  At this point we strategically took some of the tape backing off as each tail was woven downward, sticking some of the weaving together.  You do not need to do this to complete the basket but we found it helpful to stick and hold certain strips together.

Basket Step 5 Basket Step 5b6. Once each tail has been woven downward and into the basket tuck in the ends and remove tape backing as needed to stick into place. Remove any paper clips.

Basket Step 67. Next we will create a basket liner out of coral card stock.  This liner will stick to any exposed pieces of sticky tape leaving the inside of your basket smooth and ready to fill with whatever treat you desire.  Cut four 4″ x 8″ strips of coral card stock.  Using a scallop edge punch, scallop punch one of the 4″ ends of the card stock, repeat with remaining 4″ x 8″ pieces.  Score and fold the card stock to fit inside of your basket with a 1/2″ lip of the scallop overhanging the basket. Tack down card stock with glue dots at base of basket as needed.

Basket Step 79. Stamp your Happy Easter image with coral ink onto a piece of BARC White Birch Sticky Wood Sheet. Punch out using an oval punch.  Remove liner and adhere to one side of your basket.

10. With your remaining BARC Cherry Wood tape, create a handle. Remove liner and line with coral card stock. Adhere with glue dots to sides of basket.

ARC Crafts BARC Basket Easter
Check back here weekly for more BARC Inspiration.
The Ribbons & Glue blog has recently posted a couple of really cute Spring projects using BARC wood products. Check out her post on BARC Bunny art canvas here, and her post on making a BARC Bunny banner here.

Happy Spring with BARC Bunnies

April 7th, 2014

Easter is peaking around the corner and we couldn’t resist adding a few little wood bunnies to our home decor using BARC wood sheets.


Supplies for the ‘Bunnies’ Frame: White Birch BARC Wood Sheet, light green card stock, dark green card stock, white mini pom poms, scissors, pinking scissors, Big Shot machine, alphabet die, simple frame, glue dots, and adhesive.

‘Bunnies’ Frame Instructions:

1. Create the base of your bunny home decor with a piece of 8-1/2″ x 11″ light green card stock.

2. Draw a simple bunny outline on a white piece of scratch paper approximately 2 inches tall. Trace that simple bunny shape three times onto a piece of White Birch BARC wood sheet. Cut out the bunny shape.  Note: if drawing a bunny is not your thing you can find many various bunny shapes online as digital files. These files can be used in various e-cutters with BARC wood sheets.

3. With mini glue dots adhere your white pom poms to the rear of each bunny as a tail. Set aside.

4. Cut a piece of dark green card stock 5″ x 3/4″. Then grab your pinking scissors and trim off one edge of the cute green card stock. Set aside.

5. Next grab your Big Shot and alphabet die. Cut out the alphabet letters using a piece of White Birch BARC wood. This will create your HAPPY SPRING phrase. Note: alphabet letters are a fun way to use BARC wood sheets on any project. Cut letters ahead of time and you’ll have wood stickers on hand for your next project.

BARC stickers

6. First arrange your bunnies onto the piece of piece of 8-1/2″ x 11″ light green card stock, oriented landscape. Our bunnies are centered from left to right and are placed approximately 4-1/2″ inches up from the bottom of the green card stock.

7. Next remove paper backing and adhere the White Birch BARC wood bunnies. Adhere the cut out piece of dark green card stock on top of the three bunnies, near the “ground” to serve as grass.

8. Arrange your letters onto the light green card stock, (centered under your three bunnies and grass) to spell HAPPY SPRING. Our letters are centered from left to right and are placed approximately 3″ inches up from the bottom of the green card stock.

9. Place in simple frame and enjoy.

 ARC Crafts BUNNIES close

Thinking of You Card

March 31st, 2014

Today we played around with dry embossing BARC wood sheets.  It’s a simple and easy way to add extra depth and detail to any BARC wood sheet.

ARC Crafts Thinking of You Card

Supplies for the ‘Thinking of You’ Card: White Birch BARC Wood Sheet, Raspberry Ink, Light Green Ink, Pink Ink, White card stock, light green card stock, Scissors, mini adhesive back pearls, label punch, brocade embossing folder, Big Shot machine, flower stamp(s), flower punch, thinking of you sentiment stamp and clear block, glue dots, and adhesive.

‘Thinking of You’ Card Instructions:

1. Cut light green card stock to 4 x 8″, fold in half to make a square card.

2. Cut a piece of White Birch BARC wood sheet to 4 x 3-3/4″. Using a big shot machine and embossing folder, emboss the White Birch BARC wood sheet.

3. Next grab your label punch and punch out a label shape approximately 1 1/2 inch from the top of the embossed White Birch BARC wood sheet. This will create the window opening for your verse.

4. Remove paper backing and adhere embossed White Birch BARC wood sheet to front of light green card stock, leaving 1/4″ reveal of green on the top and bottom. Trim as needed.

5. Next stamp the Thinking of You sentiment in green into the window opening – taking care to center the image. We used a photopolymer stamp and a clear block for easier alignment.

6. Stamp the flower image twice onto white card stock in light green ink. Repeat this stamping process with once with pink, and twice with raspberry ink.

7.  Punch out each flower. You should have 2 light green, 1 pink, and 2 raspberry flowers.  Adhere a mini self-adhesive pearl into the center of each flower.

8. Arrange the punched out flowers on either side of the window opening as shown in photo. Adhere them to the embossed White Birch BARC wood sheet with glue dots.

BARC wood sheets look wonderful when they are dry embossed.  If you like this look check out our previous posts using this embossing technique here and here.

BARC Wood sheets make perfect tags

March 24th, 2014

Dress up an ordinary tag with your favorite BARC wood sheet. Create quick and easy tags in minutes. We used Rustic Cherry BARC wood to create a base and dress up these simple tags.

ARC Crafts-TY Tag2 web

Supplies for the ‘Thank You’ Tag: White Birch BARC Wood Sheet Rustic Cherry BARC Wood Sheet, Blue Ink,  Blue card stock, White card stock, large tag punch, small tag punch, small flower punch, scissors, pink brads, Hemp twine, Thank You tag stamp, Crop-a-dile punch, glue dots, and foam dimensionals.

‘Thank You’ Tag Instructions:

1. Stamp Thank You image in blue ink on white card stock. Punch out image with small tag punch (or trim with scissors).

2. Using a small piece of BARC White Birch sheet, punch a small flower. Adhere to stamped image using pink brad.

3. Punch out tag in blue card stock  with large tag punch (or trim with scissors). Layer stamped image on top of blue card stock.

4. Cut two, 2×2″ pieces of  Rustic Cherry BARC wood sheet. Remove adhesive backing and adhere both pieces back to back, you should now have a double-sided piece of Rustic Cherry BARC wood.

5. Layer assembled stamp and card stock tag onto the 2×2″ Rustic Cherry BARC wood piece with a foam dimensional.  Carefully trim the Rustic Cherry BARC wood piece to offset the large tag shape by 1/8″.

6. Using the crop-a-file punch a small hole near the top of the assembled tag.  Thread Hemp twine through hole.

7. Thread Hemp Twine through hole.


Happy St. Patrick’s Day

March 17th, 2014

Happy St. Patrick’s day. No pinching around here… we are wearing our green and even have a couple of festive projects to celebrate today. Pinch perfect.


Supplies for the ‘Go Green’ Card: White Birch BARC Wood Sheet Cherry BARC Wood Sheet, Green Ink,  Green card stock, White card stock, large label punch, small heart punch, 1/2″ corner round punch, scissors, self-adhesive pearls, Go Green stamp, Shamrock stamp, glue dots, and foam dimensionals.

‘Go Green’ Card Instructions:

1. Cut green card stock to 4.25 x 11, fold in half to make a vertical card.

2. Stamp the shamrock image in a random pattern on the left side of the green card.

3. Cut a piece of Cherry BARC wood sheet to 2.5 x 5.5. Remove adhesive backing and place onto right side of green card base.

4. Punch the White Birch BARC with the large label punch.

5. Stamp Go Green on white card stock. Punch out with the large label punch. Hand trim the sides so image can lay inset on top of the White Birch BARC punched piece.

6. Punch two small hearts out of green card stock.  Layer on top of assembled Go Green label.  Add two small pearls.

7. Adhere assembled label piece with foam dimensionals to card, approximately 1″ from bottom of card.

5. Round the bottom two corners of the card using a 1/2″ corner round punch.

Hello Lovely Rainbow Card

March 13th, 2014

Send a sweet note to the lovelies in your life. Create your own custom pattern on BARC wood sheets easily with stamps and ink like we’ve shown on this Hello Lovely Rainbow Card.


Supplies for the ‘Hello Lovely’ Card: White Birch BARC Wood Sheet Cherry BARC Wood tape, Raspberry Ink, Indigo Ink, Green Ink, Yellow Ink, Raspberry card stock, White card stock, Scissors, 3″ paper doily, 1/2″ corner round punch, scissors, Chevron photopolymer border stamp and block, Phone stamp, Hello banner sentiment stamp, Lovely sentiment stamp, Flower image stamp, glue dots, and foam dimensionals.

‘Hello Lovely’ Card Instructions:

1. Cut Raspberry card stock to 3-1/2 x 7, fold in half to make a square card.  Use 1/2″ corner rounder to round all four card corners.

2. Cut a piece of White Birch BARC wood sheet to 3-1/8 x 3-1/8″ (square).

3. Starting at the bottom of the White Birch BARC wood sheet 3-1/8 x 3-1/8″ square piece stamp your Chevron border piece in yellow.  We used a photopolymer stamp and a clear block for easier alignment.  Next stamp Chevron border piece in green above the yellow stamped imaged, approximately 1/16″ above the yellow chevron image.  Repeat this stamping process with Indigo and Raspberry ink.

4. Stamp the White Birch BARC wood sheet with the Flower image in yellow toward the top right corner.  We stamped our flower image approximately 3/4 inch from top and right edge.

5.  Use 1/2″ corner rounder to round all four corners of the Chevron stamped White Birch BARC wood sheet piece.  Next remove sticky back liner and adhere White Birch BARC wood sheet piece directly to Raspberry card stock.

6. Fold and crinkle your 3″ doily to look like a small pocket hanky.  Run edges of doily in Raspberry ink.  Adhere to White Birch BARC wood sheet with glue dots.

7. Next stamp the Phone image in Indigo and Hello Banner image in Green on white card stock. Trim images out with scissors.  Adhere Phone image to the top of the doily at a slight angle (as shown in photo).  Tuck Hello banner image underneath phone and doily, adhere.

8. Stamp Lovely sentiment in Raspberry ink onto small piece of Cherry BARC wood tape.  Trim flag around stamped lovely piece to approximately 1/2″ x 1-1/4″.  Adhere to card with dimensional at slight angle as shown in photo.

Lucky, Lucky Banner

March 10th, 2014

This Lucky Banner is the perfect accent to help you decorate for March and celebrate St. Patrick’s day. Lucky you!


Supplies: White Birch BARC Wood SheetMahogany Wood Veneer, Stardream Fairway Paper, 1/2″ Gold Glitter Brads, Board Game letter pieces, Scallop Circle Punch, White 3.5″ doilies, Big Shot die cutting Machine and Banner dies, Metallic Gold Ink, Black Ink, Various Gold Ribbon, 1/8″ circle punch, Glue dots, Glue gun, and foam dimensionals.

‘Lucky’ Banner Instructions:

1. Using a BigShot die cutting machine and Banner framelits cut 5  Stardream Fairway Paper banners, and 5 smaller banners from the White Birch BARC.  Using a 1″ banner framelit die cut 5 Mahogany Wood Veneer banners.

Note: all of these banners can be easily hand cut using a simple template and pencil for tracing. Trace the template image onto the base materials then cut out banner shapes.


2. Layer and adhere White Birch BARC banners on top of Stardream Fairway Paper banners.

3. Punch out 5 Stardream Fairway Paper circles using scallop circle punch. Punch out 6 Mahogany Wood Veneer circles using scallop circle punch.

4. Using glue dots or hot glue adhere board game letters to the Stardream Fairway Paper circles. Layer on top of the Mahogany Wood Veneer banner pieces.

5. Next adhere the composed letter pieces from step #4 with foam dimensionals on top of the composed banner pieces from step #1, a half inch from the bottom peak of the banner.

6. Lightly press all five 3.5″ paper doilies directly into metallic gold ink pad to transfer gold ink to doilies.


7. Fold golden doilies in half and slide over the top portion of each banner piece. Adhere to banner pieces.

8. Using .5″ gold glitter brads attach through each Mahogany Wood Veneer scallop circle. Then attach each finished banner piece together to spell out the word “lucky”.  Attach banners corner to corner.


9. Wrap ribbon/string around the far left and far right brads. Tie additional ribbons to each end of the banner if desired. You are ready to hang your LUCKY banner.

Thank You – You Are Awesome card

March 3rd, 2014

Welcome to March.  Spring is certainly on it’s way and today’s projects are inspired by Spring flowers, warmer weather and awesomeness.

Awesome Thank You 1 card

Supplies: White Birch BARC Wood SheetCherry BARC Wood Sheet, Tangerine Ribbon, White Card Stock, Tangerine Card Stock, Flower Embellishment, ½ inch brad (white an image), Tangerine Water-based Marker (or ink pad), ‘Thank You’ & ‘You Are Awesome’ Sentiment Stamps,  Watercolor image stamp, Hot glue, Adhesive and Foam Dimensionals. 

‘Thank You – You Are Awesome’ Flower Card Instructions:

  1. Trim a sheet of Tangerine card stock to 8.5×5.5, score at 4.25-inches and fold in half. Card will be oriented landscape.
  2. Trim White Birch BARC Wood Sheet to 4×5.25, remove adhesive liner and adhere to card base. Wood sheets are an excellent surface to build your cards upon.
  3. Cut a piece of white card stock to 1 x 3.75.
  4. Stamp Watercolor image, Thank You and You Are Awesome sentiments onto white card stock. Adhere to card at horizon line.
  5. Cut a piece of Cherry BARC Wood Sheet to .75 x 3 for banner flag – hand cut a v flag shape at end of piece to make a flag. Adhere to card on top of white card stock.
  6. Adhere flower embellishment with hot glue or adhesive on top of flag made from Cherry BARC Wood Sheet.
  7. Wrap ribbon around brad to create ribbon tails. You may need to adhere ribbon to the back side of the brad.
  8. Finish off card by poking brad through card.

We had so much fun making  this card we created a second project using a very similar layout with a flower, banner flag and verse.  This card features White Birch BARC Wood Sheets. Options are endless when using wood sheets.

Awesome Thank You 2 card

‘Hi’ Sentiment Flower Card

February 24th, 2014

Wintery days are almost over, in the meantime, if you are in need of a little something to brighten your day, here’s a fun project.  We added a pop of color to our Rustic BARC Wood Sheets to create today’s sample.

Hi Flower Card

Supplies: Rustic Cherry BARC Wood Sheet, Rustic Birch BARC Wood Sheet, Orange Twine, White Card Stock, Orange Pattern Paper, Yellow Pattern Paper, Bright Blue Pattern Paper, Various Sized Flower Dies, Die Cutting Machine (Sizzix Big Shot was used here), Bright Blue Water-based Marker (or ink pad), ‘Hi’ Sentiment Stamp, 1/4-inch hand punch, 3/4-inch Circle Punch, 3/8-inch Square Punch, Adhesive and Foam Dimensionals. 

‘Hi’ Flower Card Instructions:

1. Trim a sheet of white card stock to 8.5×5.5, score at 4.25-inches and fold in half. Card will be oriented landscape.

2. Using bright blue marker ink over the ‘hi’ sentiment stamp. Stamp image in bottom right corner of the front of the card, approximately 1-inch in from the right and bottom edges of the card.

3. Next, with a piece of Rustic Cherry BARC Wood, punch a 3/8-inch square. Trim out leaving approximately 1/8-inch border around the punched square. Peel paper backing and adhere around ‘hi’ stamped sentiment to frame it.

4. Trim a piece of orange twine to approximately 17-inches. Wrap around length of card, align with the top inner edge of the Rustic Cherry BARC Wood frame, and fasten with a bow. Trim any extra twine, if desired.

5. Using flower dies cut from a sheet of Rustic Cherry BARC Wood, cut; 1 medium and 1 small flower. From the orange pattern paper; 1 large flower and one small flower. From the bright blue pattern paper, cut 1 flower. From the yellow pattern paper, cut 1 large flower and 1 medium flower. Set all flowers aside.

6.Using 3/4-inch circle punch, punch 1 circle from a piece of Rustic Birch BARC Wood. Set aside.

7. Using 1/4-inch hand punch, punch 1 small bright blue circle and 1 small Rustic Birch BARC Wood circle. Set aside.

8. Assemble first flowers: Use large orange flower as the base, adhere large yellow pattern paper on top of orange flower, next, adhere medium Rustic Cherry BARC Wood flower on top of yellow flower. Using a foam dimensional adhere 3/4-inch Rustic Birch BARC Wood circle to the center of the flower.

9. Adhere large flower to left edge of card front approximately 1/4-inch from left edge and 1 1/2-inches from the top of the card.

10. Next, take medium yellow pattern paper flower and adhere 1/4-inch Rustic Birch BARC Wood circle to center. Adhere to the right of the large flower, slightly overlapping Rustic Cherry BARC Wood frame and orange twine.

11. Then, take bright blue medium flower and adhere small Rustic Cherry BARC Wood flower to layer. Using foam dimensionals, add the 1/4-inch small bright blue circle for the center of the flower. Adhere flower to the card front, placing it in between the other two flowers.

12. Finish the card off by adhering the small orange flower to the lower left corner of the Rustic Cherry BARC Wood frame.

Rustic BARC Wood Butterfly Card

February 17th, 2014

If you haven’t had a chance to try out our new Rustic BARC Wood Sheets, here’s a simple project to get you started.

You re Invited Card

Supplies: Rustic Cherry BARC  Wood Sheet, Cherry BARC Wood Sheet, Rustic Birch BARC Wood Sheet, Yellow Distressed Pattern Paper, Green Pattern Paper, Green Card Stock, Mini Adhesive-backed Pearls, Small and Medium Butterfly Dies, 4-inch Circle Die,Die Cutting Machine (Sizzix Big Shot used here), ‘You’re Invited’ Stamp, Green Ink, 1/4-inch Green Satin Ribbon, Scallop Boarder Punch, Paper Trimmer, Adhesive and Foam Dimensionals.  

You’re Invited Rustic BARC Wood Card Instructions:

1. Trim a piece of Cherry BARC Wood to 8.5×5.5-inches. Score at 4.25-inches and fold in half. Card will be oriented landscape.

2. Trim a piece of Rustic Birch BARC Wood to 1×5.5-inches. Then, using a scallop border punch, punch one edge. Peel paper backing and adhere to front of Cherry BARC Wood card, approximately 1-inch from the bottom of the card.

3. Trim a piece of distressed yellow pattern paper to approximately 2×5.5-inches. Adhere to front of card, slightly overlapping the Rustic Birch BARC Wood piece.

4. Next, using the 4-inch circle die, cut one green card stock circle.

5. Trim a piece of 1/4-inch green satin ribbon to approximately 11-inched in length. Wrap around the center of the 4-inch green die cut circle, fasted to the right of the circle with a knot. Trim edges to an angle.

6. Take green ink and ‘You’re Invited’ sentiment stamp, stamp on the 4-inch circle approximately 1/4-inch from the bottom on the center of the circle.

7. Next, using medium butterfly die and Rustic Cherry BARC Wood, die cut one butterfly. Adhere to the horizontal center of the 4-inch circle, just above the ‘You’re Invited’ sentiment. Use foam dimensionals to adhere.

8. Then, using the small butterfly die and the green pattern paper, die cur one butterfly. Adhere to center of the Rustic Cherry BARC Wood medium butterfly, also using foam dimensinoals.

9. Lastly, add three mini adhesive-bakced pearls to the center of the small butterfly.