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Love in Lights

February 8, 2016

We are giving you a little extra Blog LOVE this month. Check out this LOVE Marquee we customized with BARC Cherry Wood paper. Marquee letters are super hot right now and you can find them everywhere. This LOVE marquee started out as metal and we added some rustic warmth with Cherry Wood Paper.  LOVE IT!

ARC Feb 8 Marquee 1

 Supplies for LOVE Marquee: BARC Cherry Wood adhesive backed paper, LOVE Marquee, paper, hobby blade, scissors and pencil.

Instructions for LOVE Marquee:

  1. Trace marquee letters onto blank paper.
  2. Cut out traced letters .25 inch inside of trace line.
  3. Use cut out letters as a stencil to cut out Cherry Wood letters.
  4. Punch out holes from Cherry Wood letters where needed for lights.
  5. Adhere Cherry Wood letters to marquee.

ARC Feb 8 LARC Feb 8 O ARC Feb 8 VARC Feb 8 E

Birch Wood Keepsake Box

February 3, 2016

Need a special place to keep all of those love notes you’ll be receiving in a few days? Some cards and notes are too important to throw-away but rather need to be tucked away! This week we created a keepsake box from a chipboard box and Birch Wood paper. Wood paper cuts great and made it super easy to create a heart faux wood inlay. This Birch Wood Keepsake box is simple and stunning. DIY directions for you to follow are listed below.

ARC Feb 8 box 2

Supplies for Wood heart inlay box: 1 sheet of BARC Birch Wood adhesive backed paper, 2 sheets of BARC Birch Wood paper, chipboard box, pink ink, brayer, sanding block, heart die, Big Shot die-cutting machine, tape and foam adhesive.

Instructions to create Birch Wood heart inlay box:

1. Measure the top of your box. Our box is 7″ x 9″. Cut the Birch wood adhesive backed paper to 7″x 9″ (or the size of your box top). Remove the adhesive liner and adhere the wood paper to the box top. Lightly sand the outside edges with a sanding block if needed.

2. Ink a foam brayer in pink ink and transfer the ink onto a sheet of BARC Birch wood paper. Roll ink onto paper until you receive the ink coverage you desire.

ARC Feb 8 wood paper

3. Cut out a heart from the pink colored Birch Wood paper and one from plain Birch Wood paper using a heart die and a Big Shot.

4. Place the cut out pink Birch wood heart into the negative space created from the cut plain Birch wood paper. Image should fit like a puzzle piece. Flip over and adhere the perimeter edges of the pink heart down to the Birch wood paper with tape. Check to be sure all edges nestle tightly.

5. Trim out the assembled inlay wood heart into a 5″ x 5″ square. Adhere to the wood box front with foam adhesive.

ARC Feb 8 inlay 2 ARC Feb 8 inlay

Wood Paper Valentine Projects

February 1, 2016

Show the loved ones in your life how much you care with a homemade Valentine card or project, 100% made with love! Use wood paper to add warmth and sophistication to your Valentine’s Day project—your special someone will love the homemade gift and thought that went into making it.

We have two different Valentine projects to share with you this week, a super simple yet elegant paper and wood paper Valentine card and a wood tape heart tag / ornament.

ARC Feb 1 Heart Doily Card
Supplies for the Birch Heart Doily Card: Birch Wood paper, rose card stock, Silhouette Cameo, heart cut file, foam tape, decorative corner punch, Tim Holtz rose button embellishment and adhesive.

Instructions for the Birch Heart Doily Card:

  1. Cut rose card stock to 6″ x 6″.
  2. Punch all four corners of the 6″ x 6″ card with a decorative corner punch.
  3. Electronically cut a heart doily from Birch wood paper.
  4. Mount Birch heart doily rose card card using foam tape.
  5. Add Tim Holtz rose button embellishment to center of Birch wood heart doily.


ARC Feb 1 Heart Doily

Supplies for Cherry Heart tape ornament: Cherry Wood tape, hot glue and silver string.

Instructions for Cherry Heart tape ornament:

  1. Back a 20″ piece of Cherry wood tape with another 20″ piece of Cherry wood tape.
  2. Cut the tape to 8″, 6″ and 4″.
  3. Fold each cut piece in half.
  4. Roll-fold and glue the two ends together to create a heart shape.
  5. Stack and glue each heart from small to large.
  6. Tie silver string through top heart.

ARC Feb 1 Heart Tape 2

CHA2016 Heart Tape 1

To see more Valentine inspiration using Wood paper, check out some of our previous posts:

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Happy February and see you next week!

Organize using Wood Labels!

January 25, 2016

The start of a new year always makes me feel like organizing, labeling and basically cleaning things up. As a crafter, my messiest room is always my creative studio. My craft room is a working room and while the room is fairly organized it is not clearly labeled. I wanted to design and print my own labels but desired to use something different than a white Avery® label or a Brother® label maker. Enter BARC Birch Wood mailing labels! These mailing labels work with a traditional Avery template and run through a standard printer so I could easily type out and print my labels. Now that I have the labeling bug I’m off to label my pantry (another messy space)!

ARC Jan 25 labels 5 lr ARC Jan 25 labels lr  ARC Jan 25 labels3 lr

BARC Wood labels can be used for so much more than labeling and mailing. Check out these party gift bags we created simply by sealing a cute paper bag with a mailing label and adhering a button to dress it up! Cute and functional.

Supplies for Party Favor bags: BARC Birch Wood mailing labels, printed paper bags, buttons and adhesive.

Instructions for Party Favor bags:

  1. Gather supplies. Determine how many Party Favor bags you need.
  2. Fill bags with party favors or treats.
  3. Fold bag over and close and seal with Birch Wood mailing label.
  4. Adhere pink button to Birch Wood mailing label.

ARC Jan 25 Party Bags 1 ARC Jan 25 Party Bags 2

Have a great week and check back next Monday for more creative inspiration.

Card Love with Wood paper

January 18, 2016

Love is all around! It’s hard to believe Valentine’s day is less than a month away. We created a bunch of LOVE themed projects using this free LOVE cut file and hope these cards inspire you to add a little wood paper to your next project. Pair any of these cards with our new wood envelopes and you’ll be ready to send some love!

ARC Jan 18 CHA2016 Love roses

Supplies for Love & Roses note card: BARC Cherry Wood paper, BARC Birch Wood paper, BARC Birch ARC Labels, LOVE cut file, Silhouette Cameo, white paper clip, mini rose flowers, rose embellishment and adhesive.

Instructions for Love & Roses note card:

  1. Cut a piece of red card stock to 4.25″ x 5.5″.
  2. Cut BARC Cherry Wood paper to 3″ x 5.25″. Mount to red card stock with foam adhesive. See photo for placement.
  3. Cut using a Silhouette Cameo and the LOVE cut file, cut LOVE into a sheet of BARC Birch Wood paper.
  4. Add LOVE Birch wood piece to card front using foam adhesive.
  5. Add BARC Birch ARC Labels flag to BARC Cherry Wood card front.
  6. Arrange mini rose flowers on card front. Arrange and glue down.
  7. Add a tiny bit of BARC Cherry Wood to white paper clip creating a flag off the top. See example.
  8. Glue paper clip and rose embellishment to stem of roses.

ARC Jan 18 CHA2016 Love card

ARC Jan 18 CHA2016 air

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