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All set for Thanksgiving

November 23, 2015

It may be a few days early but our table is all set and ready for Thanksgiving. We created place mats and napkin rings using BARC Wood. These items pair nicely with the simple name place cards we showed you last week. We love the season of Thanks! We are grateful for you. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and we appreciate you stopping by.

ARC Nov 23 Napkin 3

ARC Nov 23 Placesetting

Supplies for the BARC Wood Tape Napkin rings: BARC Birch Wood tape, BARC Birch Wood paper, BARC Cherry Wood paper, leaf punch, scallop circle punch and foam adhesive.

Instructions for creating a BARC Wood tape Napkin ring:

1. Determine the number of place settings. We have a group of 12 this year.

2. Cut a 6″ strip of BARC Wood tape.

3. Punch out a scallop circle from BARC Cherry Wood paper. Adhere to the center of the 6″ strip of BARC Wood tape.

4. Punch out a leaf from BARC Birch Wood paper. Adhere to the center of the scallop circle.

5. Repeat steps 2-4 for every place setting.

6. Adhere the ends of each assembled strip together to create a ring. Slip ring over napkin.

ARC Nov 23 Napkin 2

Add more matching decor with a BARC Rustic Cherry wood placement. All you’ll need is BARC Rustic Cherry wood roll(s), cork and scissors.

1. Remove the adhesive liner for the backside of the BARC Rustic Cherry wood. Adhere BARC Rustic Cherry Wood to the front of a sheet of cork.

2. Trim and clean up the outer edges of your placement.

3. Repeat.

ARC Nov 23 Rustic Placemat

ARC Nov 23 Placemat

Grateful for ChalkTalk

November 16, 2015

Want to create a chalkboard easily? Grab a frame and cover the glass with our ChalkTalk® adhesive roll. So simple. You can create custom chalkboard decor for any occasion. ChalkTalk® has a beautiful quality chalkboard finish on the front side and the back side has adhesive that is easy to place and remove on any flat surface.

ARC Nov 16 Chalktalk decor2

Supplies for Give Thanks Chalkboard: ChalkTalk® Roll, frame, ruler, squeegee, hobby blade and chalk.


Instructions for Give Thanks Chalkboard:

1. Measure the interior of your frame.

2. Cut a piece of the ChalkTalk® roll to the interior frame dimensions.

3. Remove the adhesive liner from the back of the ChalkTalk®.

4. Apply the ChalkTalk® to the glass of the frame starting in one corner. Slowly press the ChalkTalk® to the glass with your hand or a squeegee.


5. Draw your image with chalk. ChalkTalk® wipes clean. Practice as much as you’d like until you achieve the desired result.

IMG_1228 IMG_1229

You may even inspire others to give chalk drawing a try!


Our ChalkTalk® products are versatile and can be used for all sorts of projects. We created name place cards with our ChalkTalk® address labels and a little bit of BARC Wood that has been punched out with a leaf punch. These place cards will be the perfect addition to our Thanksgiving place setting.

ARC Nov 16 Chalktalk Kim ARC Nov 16 Chalktalk Kim2 ARC Nov 16 Chalktalk name cards

BARC Wood Paper Pumpkins #2

November 9, 2015

Do you follow the ARC Crafts Pinterest board? It’s such a great way to see a bunch of BARC Wood projects all in one place. We also have a board to gather projects others have made using BARC Wood. We are often inspired to create projects after using Pinterest. This week we found this great paper pumpkin tutorial and used it as a starting point for a BARC Cherry Wood paper pumpkin. We love the results! This is a perfect centerpiece for our next fall feast.

ARC Nov 9 Pumpkins

ARC Nov 9 Pumpkin 2

Supplies for the BARC Cherry Wood Paper Pumpkin: 12″ x 12″ BARC Cherry Wood adhesive backed paper (2), BARC Rustic Cherry Wood paper, BARC Birch Wood paper, green card stock, one large brad, fall pattern paper, wire, buttons, ribbon and green office clip.

We altered the instructions found on to get a larger pumpkin. The steps to create the pumpkin are basically the same.

1. Start with two 12″ x 12″ sheets of BARC Cherry Wood adhesive backed paper.

2. Remove the adhesive and line the back of each sheet of BARC Cherry Wood adhesive backed paper with fall patterned paper. We choose a stripe design in fall colors.

3. Cut twelve 1″ strips from each sheet of BARC Cherry Wood paper for a total of 24 strips 12″ in length.


4. Follow these instructions starting on Step #2 – #10 to create your Wood Paper Pumpkin.




Add a little more BARC Wood to your pumpkin! We added BARC Rustic Cherry Wood paper for the pumpkin stem and created leaves made from BARC Birch Wood paper lined with green card stock. Add a few buttons, ribbon and clips to finish your pumpkin off.


ARC Nov 9 Pumpkin leaves

Remember these fun wood paper pumpkins from last year? There is so much you can create with BARC wood. Give it a try today!

Thoughtful Cherry Wood card and envelope

November 2, 2015

Welcome November! We are grateful for you, thank you for stopping by our blog. We hope you enjoy this week’s BARC Wood project inspiration. Today we are highlighting a BARC Cherry Wood greeting card and envelope. We love the added texture BARC Cherry Wood brings to this card and envelope.

ARC Nov 2 Cherry Card

Supplies for the Thoughtful Cherry Wood card and Envelope: BARC Cherry Wood paper, BARC Cherry wood A2 envelope, green card stock, white card stock, book paper, linen thread, green ink, yellow ink, leaf stamp, texture stamp, ‘You’re in My Thoughts’ sentiment stamp, scoring tool, scissors, mini glue dots, foam adhesive and adhesive.

Instructions for the Thoughtful Cherry Wood card and Envelope:

1. Cut a piece of BARC Cherry Wood paper to 5.5″ x 8.5″. Score in the middle at the 4.25″ and fold in half to create the card base.

2. Cut a piece of green card stock to 3.25″ x 4.5″. Center and mount to card front.

3. Cut a piece of book print paper to 3″ x 4.25″. Center and mount to green card stock.

4. Ink a texture stamp in yellow ink and stamp in the center of the book print paper.

5. Ink a leaf stamp in green ink and stamp in the center of the yellow texture image.

6. Tie a piece of linen thread in a bow and adhere to bottom of leaf base with a mini glue dot.

7. Ink the ‘You’re in my Thoughts’ sentiment stamp in yellow ink and stamp onto a piece of white card stock. Trim out with scissors and mount to card with foam adhesive. See card example for trim and placement suggestion.

8. Pair finished card with a matching A2 BARC Cherry Wood envelope.

ARC Nov 2 Cherry Card & env ARC Nov 2 Cherry Card & env2

Dress up this Halloween with BARC Wood

October 26, 2015

Happy Halloween! Trick or Treating is right around the corner. We like to have extra special treats on hand for those costumes that really wow us. This year we filled a bunch of mini paint cans full of chocolate. We found these mini clear paint cans at The Container Store and instantly knew they’d look great with a little BARC Wood. We dressed these darling cans up with BARC Birch Wood ARC Design Labels and a few Halloween stickers. So easy and cute. Enjoy your Halloween and be safe!

ARC Oct 26 Can

Supplies for the Trick or Treat mini paint cans: BARC Birch Wood ARC Design Labels, Halloween stickers, alphabet stickers, mini clear paint cans and candy.

Instructions for the Trick or Treat mini paint cans:

1. Fill mini clear paint can with candy.

2. Place the paint can lid onto the can and seal. Dress up the lid with a BARC Birch Wood ARC Circle Design Label. Add a few Halloween stickers.

ARC Oct 26 Can top

3. Dress up the outside of the paint can with a BARC Birch Wood ARC Design Label. See photo for placement suggestion. Add a few more Halloween stickers. Spell out the message ‘trick or treat’ with the alphabet stickers.

ARC Oct 26 Can label

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